Draft National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy 2005

National Housing and Habitat Policy 1998

National Housing and Habitat Policy 1998

By 1997 the total housing shortages in the country was estimated to be 13.66 million units, out of which 7.57 million units would be in the urban areas. More than 90% of this shortage is for the poor and the low income category. It was estimated that an investment of Rs.1,51,000/- crores would be required to bridge this deficit, but not more than 25% of this will flow from banks, financial institutions, Central and State Governments. It was further estimated that Rs.2,50,000 crores shall be required for urban infrastructure during the Ninth Plan, but not more than 10% would be available from Government sources. Therefore no significant headway can be achieved without massive participation of the private sector. This called for creation of enabling environment by way of legal and regulatory reforms and fiscal concessions to encourage non-government sector to take up land assembly, housing construction and investment in infrastructure services.

The Government through a National Agenda declared HOUSING FOR ALL as a priority area and has set a target of construction of 2 million houses every year with emphasis on the poor and deprived, out of which 0.7 million houses shall be constructed in the urban areas.

With this background, the New National Housing and Habitat Policy (NHHP) was formulated in 1998. The Policy was laid before the Parliament on 29.07.1998.


The Housing and Habitat Policy 1998 aims at:

Role of all the Stake Holders

The NHHP 1998 lays down the role of all the stakeholders for achieving the goal of providing shelter to all.

The Central Government would -

The State Governments would -

The Local Authorities would -

The Public/Private Housing Finance Companies would -

Housing Boards/Corporations/Development Auithorities and other public agencies would -

The Corporate, Private and Cooperative Sectors would -

Research, and Technology Transfer Organisations would -